July 10, 2009

Fifteenth Post


Chicago had to go to the vet again.

He suddenly started walking funny yesterday morning, hind legs dragging a bit and tail wagging more than usual. As usual, I freaked out a bit and called the pet hospital to explain his symptoms and since the doctor was in, we dropped him off to get checked out.

Turns out he has worms. And fleas. And that lead to a bunch of licking and matted hair. Also the new food and the medicine all seemed to be working against his favor.

He got deworming stuff, a flea bath and new flea medicine. He's back home and rather energetic, with an appetite. Though he had to get his front leg shaved for an IV since he was dehydrated and another area shaved to get the matted hair out. I won't mention where and haven't taken a picture of it for the sake of his dignity.

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  1. Glad he sounds better already. - countlibras



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