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$30.95 (Plus tax and shipping) All book proceeds go to the Orange County SPCA
If you order before August 31, make sure to take advantage of Blurb's free shipping offer.

May 25, 2010 - The first post of The Many Faces of Chicago was on June 30, 2009. The blog started simply as a place for me to post photos of Chicago. I learned a lot about blogging and social networks and now Chicago has regular readers from around the world, which not only makes me (and hopefully Chicago too) very happy, but has also been a source of support when Chicago hasn't been in the greatest of health.

In celebration of the first anniversary, I'm making a book of all of the photos from the first year of Chicago's blog (due to me posting multiple times in the first few days, it will be 369 photos). The book will be available through Blurb for purchase.

If all goes according to plan, $2 will be added to the base price and all of the profits will be donated in Chicago's name to the Orange County SPCA's Spay and Neuter Campaign. (OCSPCA hasn't gotten back to me yet concerning a few questions about this kind of donation.) Currently I'm planning on making a softcover 80-page 10x8 inch book, so the book will be $26.95 ($24.95 base price + $2 to OCSPCA) before tax and shipping.

I hope to have the book ready in time for the June 30, 2010 entry, but knowing me and photo book projects and considering this will involve 369 photos, I would say July would be a more realistic finish date. (^_^;) *see below

Now this is where you, Chicago's fans, come in. What are your favorite Chicago shots?

Reader choices will be featured in the book. At the moment this means a full page, but if there are a lot of reader picks, I'll get creative so the book doesn't get too expensive.

Comment on your favorite entry with "I like this one!!" or something similar. Or leave a comment on this page with the post number. Or if you'd like to check out all of the photos via the set on Flickr, you can leave a comment on the corresponding Flickr page. Feel free to choose more than one.

I'll post updates to the book project here. (^_^)v

Update May 26 - OCSPCA has gotten back to me and things are on track. I'm going to start working on the book this weekend. (^_^)v A lot of reader choices have been made, have you selected your favorites?

Update June 23 - Still working on the book. Lots of glorious photos to work with. I would like to ask everyone for praise for Chicago's wonderfulness that I can add to the back cover of his book. Comment here or email Thanks!

Update June 27 - After getting about two-thirds of the photos in the book, I have realized that 80 pages is not going to be feasible. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to add pages and make the book $31.95 ($29.95 + $2 to OCSPCA) plus tax and shipping. But! You guys will get a 120-page book. (^_^)v

Update July 31 - One month later, I'm still working on the book.
I managed to fit all of the photos into 80 pages and ordered a copy today. Once it arrives, I'll check it and make any final changes before putting it up for purchase. The book is scheduled to ship on August 9, so it'll be at least mid-August before the book will be ready for purchase.
I'm also debating making the price $29.95 ($24.95 + $5 to OCSPCA). I'll probably take a poll about the price sooner or later.

Update August 7 - The book has been shipped and is currently on its way to my eager hands. I promise photos and thoughts once I look through it.

Update August 10 - The book has arrived!


I was worried about how crammed 370+ photos would feel in 80 pages, but it's not bad at all. There are a few adjustments I want to make before making this available for purchase; it shouldn't take too long. I'll also be taking a survey about the price sometime soon.

Chicago checked it out too.


I think he approves.

Update August 21 - Book Complete!!
I was going to take a survey and all that about the price, but that will just delay the book even more, so I've decided to go with $29.95 (plus tax and shipping). This means for each book sold, $5 will go to the OCSPCA. Here's the book info page.

If you order before August 31, make sure to take advantage of Blurb's free shipping offer.

Update September 15 - Postcards!
I've made a limited edition postcard for anyone who has purchased a copy of Chicago's book. There are 25 numbered postcards.

Update December 13 - Price change.
Sorry, I didn't notice the base price had increased by $1, so now the book costs $30.95 (plus tax and S&H).

If you have purchased the book and you would like a postcard please email your mailing address to and I'll mail you your postcard.

Please understand that if I do not know you personally, I may ask you for the date you placed your order as proof you've purchased the book. Blurb can tell me when a book has been sold, but for obvious privacy reasons, I don't know who bought the book.


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