Chicago is our cat. Or maybe I should say we are his servants family.

About this blog

     Ever since Chicago became part of our family, I've been taking photos of him. I am hopelessly in love with him and, as you can see, he is a photogenic cat; the number of photos I have of him grows exponentially.

I created this blog to share Chicago's photos and awesomeness with the world.

Barring me completely forgetting, a photo of Chicago will be posted every day at 7am Pacific time.
The photo will most likely be recent, but occasionally there may be an old photo.

How Chicago got his name

     White paws → White socks → White Sox → Chicago

What is the "-kun" in Chicago-kun?

     君(-kun) is a Japanese honorific typically added to the end of young boys' names.

Chicago's nicknames to date

Chicago links

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