July 27, 2009

Thirty-second post

Chicago and his MOO card
The MOO cards for Chicago's blog came on Friday and I'm very happy with them. There's a set on Flickr of them along with some cards I ordered for another blog project.

I showed Chicago one of his MOO cards.
Chicago and his MOO card

Chicago and his MOO card Chicago and his MOO card
I think he approves. He gnawed on it a bit and then decided it was not food.

I'm also trying out something else new; I've set up a CafePress shop for Chicago. There's a link in the sidebar to the right. It's still in the trial stage, but there is stuff up for sale. I hope it'll bring in even just a little bit of cash to pay for stuff like vet visits.

If anyone has any requests, I'll be glad to take them as long as you keep in mind that I'm heading off to Japan next week for 3 weeks.

Which also reminds me, even though I'll be in Japan, there will still be a photo posted every day at 7am Pacific time. No worries there. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their daily dose of Chicago.

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  1. I Like the one where Chicago is holding his blog-card~



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