January 12, 2010

Two hundred first post


I'm sure the adorableness of Chicago in the photo cancels out the blurriness. Right?

I was taking shots of his fluffy belly while he was sleeping when he woke up, saw me, and assumed the "I'm adorable. Scratch me between the ears now. You know you want to" pose.

Admin rambings (feel free to ignore): I spent a minute or so debating how I should write 201 for the post. Spelling out numbers is ever so slightly inconvenient and I had been wanting to switch to just plain numbers for some time now. But after 200 posts, spelled out numbers has become part of this blog; "201st post" looks so plain and boring. I might rethink this at post 1000, but spelled out numbers it is for now.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Here's an extra Chicago pic for having put you through that.


Chicago wasn't very amused with my ramblings either.

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